Directed by
Steven Caple Jr.

Produced bySylvester StalloneKevin King-TempletonCharles WinklerWilliam ChartoffDavid WinklerIrwin Winkler

I am a fan from “Rocky ” 1976 all the way through. This one felt like the original “Rocky”. Sylvester Stallone did a great job with Creed II. The “Rocky” saga has been a movie that has encouraged me through some difficult times in my journey.
Rocky is never as big as his opponents are, like life is bigger than we are. Rocky trains to endure the pain, until his break through comes. He trains to take the blows, like we have to take the blows of life.
Sooner or later the punches become just part of the process, they help make you and you gain the victory. Going through that right now, so I will watch Creed II again.
The story arch covered by the first two movies to this point has made us audience members familiar with where all three families are at this point in time. History may truly not repeat itself but there are always echoes from the thunderous events in our past. It was very appropriate that Rocky gave Adonis a fist bumb and informed him that “NOW is YOUR TIME!” They have been able to lay the groundwork in the first two movies to launch the Adonis character off of a springboard into future and put the audience on notice that the torch has officially been passed to a new generation of storytellers. If the writers, film makers and actors can manage to stay true to the character of both Adonis and the format of the Rocky films franchise yet avoid unnecessary repetition while discovering an original path forward in the storytelling, then I believe that this is still yet only the beginning of the new heights that this franchise may yet hope to achieve in the future. With a few stylic adjustments and a consistent effort to hone any future scripts into the sharpest instruments of storytelling that they can possibly be, then the filmmakers can be assured of accolades yet to come and Sly will have secured his legacy with the Rocky chronicles, arguably the greatest pieces of film work in his career. Not a bad way to do it either in my opinion, by handing the reins over to the young stallion Michael B. Jordan who now seems benchmarked to be the future of the franchise as one of the most surberp young actors of his generation.Great movie and surprisingly satisfying for a sequel. Could have been a cash-grab, with a lot of cheeziness. Instead, everyone brings their A game. The fight scenes are more realistic than Creed I, and the chemistry between all characters is on display. Love the continuity in the Rocky-verse with characters of old returning, and the arc of all involved. I wish we could have spent more time with Viktor and Ivan’s background, but love that they were treated as full characters and not evil-Russians. For those barking about how predictable it is, Rocky movies usually don’t have a lot of twists, if you know what I mean 😉 If you love Rocky or Creed, go see this one in theaters.

Rocky character had great emotional and personal depth that added weight to the story. Adding Tessa’s inspiring performance as Bianca and you have the mix of a truly iconic film….watching the film I was able to be emotionally invested in these characters and their story arcs that both sides had everything to lose as well as to gain and the fact that the intensity in which the story was written in should be given a huge standing ovation.Rocky sees apollo s wife for the first time since the funeral. Can we get more than a simple hey? No dialogue whatsoever. Not even a freakin hug! I again wonder did they just rush to put this out or what. Lastly the ending i found to be very sad.Stallone as the film’s creative driving force and link between the franchises, is wonderfully comfortable in his role as a now-aged Rocky, able to add streetwise poetry to rambling anecdotes of staggering banality, or to effortlessly inspire and assure his young progeny, Adonis Creed, who is leaner, and more agile than his father, lacking perhaps the physical immensity to soak up blows, jabs, powershots and crosses, but he tempers this with a steely stubbornness that reeks of his mentor Rocky’s never-say-die attitude.
In the original fight with drago, adonnis attemps to put on a flashy display before the fight, like apollo did with james Brown. Where was the flash? I didnt see it, maybe i blinked? There were an occassional funny punch lines from rockys character hear and there, but thats it. I thought victor drago s character was played very well, but give the man some more lines will ya. Geez… To re illustrate my point once again about being rushed. If you watch the first fight with drago. The commentator even says adonnis just took a hard right hand from ivan drago (not viktor who he was fighting) Lol. Like i said rushed, and pushed out. No quality control inspection. Smh
For me the two biggest let downs was the ommitting of carl weathers. It was mentioned originally that they may use some cgi effects to de age him or use his voice somehow to talk to adonnis. Instead we got Ugotz!

Then the training scenes! Smh.. Rocky takes adonnis to some desert, wheres the relevance? The second fight he was preparing for was in russia. Why not do it up big in russia again? Some of the training was intense, but not really. Very disappointed in the music score. Granted it s more than obvious creed movies are catering towards the younger generation, but it still just sucked! The montages were just short and terrible.
excellent movie first Creed was excellent too but I personally feel this topped it. It was just a superior film overall in every area. Far more emotionally powerful and visceral. I was in tears on multiple scenes in the film. Stallone was excellent still maybe just slightly less than the first Creed where he received a well deserved supporting actor oscar nomination for his performance. Michael B. Jordan is a true movie star. AnA list acting talent. Give him a couple more years and i feel he is the next Denzel Washington or Will Smith. He’s that good. He has that range and talent and he’s only gonna get better as an actor in the next few years. I rank this 3rd amoung all Rocky and Creed films combined. First 2 Rocky films then Creed II.

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